History of Warfare

titleHistory of Warfare

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Introduction p. 1-7Contribution
The prophet Guibert p. 8-39Contribution
The French Way of War p. 40-87Contribution
The Campaign against Piedmont-Sardinia, April 1796 p. 88-117Contribution
The Second Italian Campaign p. 118-144Contribution
1805 : Ulm and Austerlitz p. 145-172Contribution
The Jena Campaign : apogee and perihelion p. 173-198Contribution
An Ulcer inflamed : Napoleon's Campaign in Spain, 1808 p. 199-234Contribution
1809 : the most Brilliant and Skillful Maneuvers p. 235-264Contribution
The Limits of Operational Art : Russia 1812 p. 265-316Contribution
Prometheus chained, 1813-1815 p. 317-386Contribution
Napoleon's War at Sea p. 387-475Contribution
Britain's Royal Navy and the Defeat of Napoleon p. 476-499Contribution
Napoleon and the Operational Art of War : essays in honor of Donald D. Horward XIII-553 p.ContributedVolume

14 results