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Countering the Reformation in France and the Netherlands : clerical leadership and catholic violence 1560-15852006, no 190p. 83-120Article
A horrible tragedy in the French Atlantic2006, no 192p. 67-108Article
Freedom and unfreedom in early medieval Francia : the evidence of the legal formulae2006, no 193p. 7-40Article
A confessor and his spiritual child : François de Sales, Jeanne de Chantal and the foundation of the order of the Visitation2006, n. sér., Suppl. no 1p. 101-117Contribution
Letters to Lucie : spirituality, friendship ans politics during the Dreyfus affair2006, n. sér., Suppl. no 1p. 118-138Contribution
Olwen Hufton's poor, Richard Cobb's people and the notions of the longue durée in French Revolutionary historiography2006, n. sér., Suppl. no 1p. 178-203Contribution
The art of survival. Gender and history in Europe, 1450-2000. Actes du Colloque Gender, Religion, Poverty and Revolution organisé à Oxford le 9 juillet 2004 en l'honneur d'Olwen Hufton2006, n. sér., Suppl. no 1211 p.ContributedVolume
Jews and apostates in medieval Europe : boundaries real and imagined2007, no 194p. 3-34Article
The assumptionists and the Dreyfus affair2007, no 194p. 175-212Article
Disgrace without dishonour : the internal exile of French magistrates in the eighteenth century2007, no 195p. 87-127Article
The violence of the French crowd from charivari to Revolution2007, no 197p. 75-110Article
Peasant elites and village communities in the South of France, 1200-13502007, Suppl. no 2p. 101-114Article
English and French towns in the sixteenth century2007, Suppl. no 2p. 166-181Article
Equestrian culture in France from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century2008, no 199p. 113-145Article
Child slavery in British and French far-eastern colonies, 1880-19452008, no 201p. 175-213Article

15 results