Master drawings

titleMaster drawings
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Acquiring minds : the early patrons of nineteenth-century French drawings in Baltimore2004, vol. 42, no 1p. 68-77Article
New drawings by the Provençal artist Jean Daret2004, vol. 42, no 1p. 193-207Article
The drawings of Ferdinand Delamonce2006, vol. 44, no 1p. 55-68Article
Philippe Mercier as a draftsman2006, vol. 44, no 4p. 411-449Article
Lancret revisited : a dozen new drawings from the collection of Lord Rothschild2006, vol. 44, no 4p. 450-463Article
A new album of theater drawings by Claude Gillot2006, vol. 44, no 4p. 464-486Article
A newly identified Académie by Jouvenet in Washington2006, vol. 44, no 4p. 487-492Article
A new attribution to François Tortebat2006, vol. 44, no 4p. 493-497Article
Louis-Eugène Lami's Charity bazaar for the victims of the Guadeloupe earthquake, 18432006, vol. 44, no 4p. 498-510Article
Contemporary drawings in the collection of Pierre Crozat2007, vol. 45, no 1p. 38-53Article
Antoine-Joseph Dezallier d'Argenville : supplement of newly identified drawings from his collection2007, vol. 45, no 1p. 54-66Article
The marquis de Calvière and the abortive publication of Antiquités de la France méridionale2007, vol. 45, no 1p. 67-86Article
Some archival references for Jean-Baptiste-François Nourri2007, vol. 45, no 1p. 87-90Article
From Crozat to the musée des Beaux-Arts, Rennes : the origins of the drawings collection of the marquis de Robien2007, vol. 45, no 1p. 91-102Article
Charles-Paul-Jean-Baptiste de Bourgevin Vialart de Saint-Morys and his drawings2007, vol. 45, no 1p. 103-105Article
The artist Pierre Peyron as a collector of drawings2007, vol. 45, no 1p. 106-117Article
Early drawings by Jacques Rousseau in the manner of Herman van Swanevelt2007, vol. 45, no 2p. 167-186Article
The discovery of a cache of over 200 sixteenth-century avian watercolors : a missing chapter in the history of ornithological illustration2007, vol. 45, no 4p. 435-521Article
The collector's cut : why Pierre-Jean Mariette tore up his drawings and put them back together again2008, vol. 46, no 1p. 36-60Article
Drawings for Louis de Boullongne's Crucifixion in Notre-Dame de Bercy, Paris2008, vol. 46, no 1p. 104-108Article

22 results