Eighteenth-century studies

titleEighteenth-century studies
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Carnal quietism : embodying anti-jesuit polemics in the Catherine Cadière affair, 17312006, vol. 39, no 2p. 173-186Article
I resist it no longer : enlightened philosophy and feminine compulsion in Thérèse philosophe [du marquis d'Argens]2006, vol. 39, no 3p. 363-376Article
Representing the Cape Hottentots from the French Enlightenment to post-apartheid South Africa2007, vol. 40, no 2p. 525-552Article
Mme Geoffrin, painting and galanterie : Carle Van Loo's Conversation espagnole and Lecture espagnole2007, vol. 40, no 2p. 587-614Article
A culture of trees : the politics of pruning and felling in late eighteenth-century France2007, vol. 41, no 1p. 1-15Article
Surfing the Revolution : the fatal impact of the Pacific on Europe2008, vol. 41, no 2p. 141-147Article
Performance anxieties : grief and theatre in Europe writing on Tahiti [en particulier chez Rousseau et Diderot]2008, vol. 41, no 2p. 149-64Article
Reuniting the world : the Pacific in Raynal's Histoire des deux Indes2008, vol. 41, no 2p. 189-202Article
The Enlightenment in Paradise : Bougainville, Tahiti, and the duty of desire2008, vol. 41, no 2p. 203-216Article
Shifting Edenic codes : on two exotic visions of the Golden Age in the late eighteenth century [Tahiti et le Pacifique]2008, vol. 41, no 2p. 217-230Article
The legislative body : print portraits of the National Assembly, 1789-17912008, vol. 41, no 3p. 337-358Article
Strangeness, violence and the establishment of nationhood in Rousseau2008, vol. 41, no 3p. 359-381Article
The monarchy of virtue : the Prix de vertu and the economy of emulation in France, 1777-17912008, vol. 41, no 4p. 443-548Article
An account of an unaccountable distemper : the experience of pain in early eighteenth-century England and France2008, vol. 41, no 4p. 459-480Article

14 results