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La question du marchandage : the political and legal struggle against exploitative subcontracting in Paris, 1881-19112002, vol. 32, no 4p. 451-488Article
Hospitals and huguenots : confessional coexistence in Nîmes, 1629-16852003, vol. 33, no 1p. 5-28Article
New avenues for research in Napoleonic Europe2003, vol. 33, no 1p. 101-124Article
Policing the forests of pre-industrial France : round up the usual suspects2003, vol. 33, no 2p. 157-182Article
Faisceau visions of physical and moral transformation and the cult of youth in inter-war France2003, vol. 33, no 3p. 343-366Article
Russia as a space of hope : nineteenth-century French challenges to the liberal image of Russia2003, vol. 33, no 4p. 411-451Article
Policing and repression : military involvement in the policing of French and German industrial areas, 1889-19142004, vol. 34, no 1p. 69-98Article
Republicanizing the city : radical republicans in Toulouse, 1880-902004, vol. 34, no 2p. 157-190Article
Sans distinction de nationalité ? The French communist parti, immigrants and unemployement in the 1930s2004, vol. 34, no 3p. 337-370Article
Lafayette's Mémoires and the changing legacy of to revolutions2004, vol. 34, no 3p. 371-402Article
Revolutionary politics in France, 1788-91 : the case of Languedoc2004, vol. 34, no 4p. 443-474Article
Agrarian individualism, collective practices and the French Revolution : the law of 10 june 1793 and the partition of common land in the department of the Gard2005, vol. 35, no 1p. 39-62Article
French singularity, the Resistance and the Vichy syndrome : Lucie Aubrac to the rescue2006, vol. 36, no 2p. 200-220Article
Municipal government during the Occupation (1940-5) : a comparative model of Belgium, the Netherlands and France2006, vol. 36, no 2p. 221-246Article
Stability in the urban community in a time of war : police, protestantism and poor relief in Nantes during the French wars of religion, 1562-892006, vol. 36, no 4p. 521-547Article
Contesting concepts of the nation in arms : French memories of the war of 1870-1 in Dijon2006, vol. 36, no 4p. 548-573Article
Police and politics in Marseille, 1936-19382007, vol. 37, no 1p. 81-107Article
Les règles du jeu : the decline and fall of Sully, 1610-16172007, vol. 37, no 2p. 216-241Article
Catholic women and the unmaking of French nationalism after the Dreyfus affair2007, vol. 37, no 2p. 242-264Article
Histoires croisées : François Furet, Ernst Nolte and a comparative history of totalitarian movements2007, vol. 37, no 2p. 265-290Article

29 results