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The dispersal of the estate of Madame de Pompadour : new documentary evidence2006, vol. 148, no 1238p. 312-324Article
Two newly discovered Chardins for Toledo2006, vol. 148, no 1238p. 325-327Article
Gustave Moreau and the Raffalovich family : new documents for Sappho2006, vol. 148, no 1238p. 327-331Article
The ideal of history painting : Georges Rouault and other students of Gustave Moreau at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, 1892-18982006, vol. 148, no 1238p. 332-339Article
Édouard Vuillard : the new catalogue2006, vol. 148, no 1238p. 340-342Article
Antoine Dubost's Sword of Damocles and Thomas Hope : an Anglo-French skirmich2006, vol. 148, no 1241p. 520-527Article
The emperor's last clothes : Cézanne, fashion and l'année terrible2006, vol. 148, no 1242p. 586-594Article
The collecting and critical reception of Cézanne in Holland, 1895-19202006, vol. 148, no 1242p. 595-604Article
Cézanne in the wild2006, vol. 148, no 1242p. 605-611Article
Cézanne, Chappuis and the limits of connoisseurship2006, vol. 148, no 1242p. 612-620Article
Cézanne in Provence2006, vol. 148, no 1242p. 621-629Article
Watteau's Shopsign : the long creation of a masterpiece2007, vol. 149, no 1250p. 296-304Article
Fragonard in Naples : two rediscovered drawings2007, vol. 149, no 1250p. 305-308Article
The Salon des refusés of 1863 : a new view2007, vol. 149, no 1250p. 309-319Article
Kunstkammer objects in the age of the World Fairs : Charles Duron in 18672007, vol. 149, no 1251p. 393-399Article
Gustave Moreau's Salome : the poetics and politics of history painting2007, vol. 149, no 1253p. 528-536Article
Notre-Dame de Paris : the apostles on the spire rediscovered [Viollet-le-Duc et Geoffroy-Dechaume]2007, vol. 149, no 1253p. 537-545Article
When the girls come out to play : Édouard Vuillard and Charles Hodge Mackie, a reattribution2007, vol. 149, no 1253p. 551-553Article
Chardin, Vanloo and the Académie royale during the Regency : new archival information2008, vol. 150, no 1262p. 296-300Article
Between Ingres, Delacroix and the pre-raphaelites : a (no longer) anonymous French painter in Italy2008, vol. 150, no 1262p. 301-311Article

25 results