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A Soviet eye on France from the rue de Grenelle in Paris, 1924-19402006, vol. 17, no 2p. 295-346Article
Talleyrand and England, 1792-1838 : a reinterpretation2006, vol. 17, no 4p. 647-664Article
Castlereagh and France2006, vol. 17, no 4p. 665-673Article
Palmerston and anglo-french relations, 1846-18652006, vol. 17, no 4p. 675-692Article
From war-in-sight to nearly war : anglo-french relations in the age of high imperialism, 1875-18982006, vol. 17, no 4p. 693-714Article
Clemenceau's contacts with England2006, vol. 17, no 4p. 715-730Article
The anglo-french victory on the Somme2006, vol. 17, no 4p. 731-751Article
Austen Chamberlain and Britain's relations with France, 1924-19292006, vol. 17, no 4p. 753-769Article
Anglo-french imperial relations in the arab world : intelligence liaison and nationalist disorder, 1920-19392006, vol. 17, no 4p. 771-798Article
Yvon Delbos and Anthony Eden : anglo-french cooperation, 1936-19382006, vol. 17, no 4p. 799-820Article
A very great clerk : sir Ronald Campbell and the fall of France, may-june 19402006, vol. 17, no 4p. 821-834Article
Entente neo-coloniale ? : Ernest Bevin and the proposals for an anglo-french third world power, 1945-19492006, vol. 17, no 4p. 835-852Article
Falsifying the record : entente diplomacy and the preparation of the blue and yellow books on the war crisis of 19142007, vol. 18, no 1p. 89-108Article
A qualified success for collective security : the concert of Europe and the belgian crisis, 18312007, vol. 18, no 2p. 271-295Article
Appeasement in the late Third Republic2008, vol. 19, no 3p. 566-607Article

15 results