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Fourteenth-century French queens as collectors and readers of books : Jeanne d'Evreux and her contemporaries2006, vol. 32, no 2p. 69-100Article
Monastic literate practices in eleventh- and twelfth-century northern France2006, vol. 32, no 2p. 101-126Article
Kinship and identity in eleventh-century Normandy : the case of Hugh de Grandmesnil, c. 1040-10982006, vol. 32, no 3p. 212-230Article
The hidden apocalypse : Richard de Saint-Vanne and the otherworld2006, vol. 32, no 3p. 302-314Article
What's in a name ? Clerical representations of Parisian beguines (1200-1328)2007, vol. 33, no 1p. 60-86Article
France and England in the later Middle Ages. Actes du Congrès de York, 1-3 avril 20052007, vol. 33, no 3215-337 p.ContributedVolume
The political will and the administrative won't ? Mathieu Thomassin and his dauphins (Charles III and Louis II) [futurs Charles VII et Louis XI]2007, vol. 33, no 3p. 217-232Contribution
Partisan identity in the French civil war, 1405-1418 : reconsidering the evidence on livery badges2007, vol. 33, no 3p. 250-274Contribution
Memory, invention and the Breton state : the first inventory of the ducal archives (1395) and the beginnings of Montfort historiography2007, vol. 33, no 3p. 275-296Contribution
Genealogies and dynastic awareness in the Hundred Years War : the evidence of A tous nobles qui aiment beaux faits et bonnes histoires2007, vol. 33, no 3p. 297-319Contribution
Ceste figure contient tout le royaulme de France. Cartography and national identity in France at the end of the Hundred Years War2007, vol. 33, no 3p. 320-338Contribution
Impoverished mothers and poor widows : negotiating images of poverty in Marseille's courts2008, vol. 34, no 1p. 64-78Article
Conversing with the minority : relations among Christian, Jewish and Muslim women in the high middle ages. Actes du Congrès international de Kalamazoo (Etats-Unis), 8 mai 20052008, vol. 34, no 2105-128 p.ContributedVolume
The trial of Floreta d'Ays (1403) : Jews, Christians and obstetrics in later medieval Marseille2008, vol. 34, no 2p. 185-211Contribution
Louis IX, crusade and the promise of Joshua in the Holy Land2008, vol. 34, no 3p. 245-274Article
Franciscan inquisition and mendicant rivalry in mid-thirteenth-century Marseille2008, vol. 34, no 3p. 275-290Article

16 results