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Network mapping : ties of fidelity and dependency among the major domestic officers of Anne de Montmorency2003, vol. 17, no 2p. 109-126Article
Neighbours before the court : crime, village communities and seigneurial justice in northern Burgundy, 1750-17902003, vol. 17, no 2p. 127-148Article
Collective panics in the early French Revolution, 1789-1791 : a comparative perspective2003, vol. 17, no 2p. 149-171Article
Down but not out : the antimilitarist left in the Aernoult-Rousset affair, 1909-19122003, vol. 17, no 2p. 172-185Article
Nous voulons déchirer le bâillon et briser nos chaines : racism, colonialism and universalism in the discourse of Algerian nationalists in France between the wars2003, vol. 17, no 2p. 186-209Article
A lesson in diplomacy for Louis XIV : the treaty of Montmartre, 1662, and the princes of the House of Lorraine2003, vol. 17, no 3p. 225-250Article
Laying the foundations for the regeneration of the Empire : the first municipal elections in the biggest cities of France during the Revolution2003, vol. 17, no 3p. 251-279Article
Slow revolutionary deaths : murder, silence and memory in the early Third Republic2003, vol. 17, no 3p. 280-306Article
The search for French identity in the regions : national versus local visions of France in the 1930s2003, vol. 17, no 3p. 307-327Article
The bourgeoisie seconde, the Catholic League and urban society2003, vol. 17, no 4p. 342-351Article
The league in Burgundy : a bourgeoisie seconde ?2003, vol. 17, no 4p. 352-366Article
The basoche and the bourgeoisie seconde : careerists at the parlement of Paris during the League2003, vol. 17, no 4p. 367-387Article
The bourgeoisie seconde : social differentiation in the Parisian municipal oligarchy in the sixteenth century, 1500-16102003, vol. 17, no 4p. 388-424Article
Brittany and the French monarchy in the sixteenth century : the evidence of the letters of remission2003, vol. 17, no 4p. 425-439Article
The birth of a myth : Maurras and the Vichy regime2003, vol. 17, no 4p. 440-454Article
A moment of resverie : Charles V and Francis I's encounter at Aigues-Mortes (july 1538)2005, vol. 19, no 1p. 1-27Article
Ideology on trial : testing a theory of revolutionary political culture2005, vol. 19, no 1p. 28-47Article
Tocqueville's modern nationalism2005, vol. 19, no 1p. 48-66Article
Networking : freemasons and the colonial state in French West Africa, 1895-19142005, vol. 19, no 1p. 91-111Article
Politicizing Pagnol : rural France, film and ideology under the Popular Front2005, vol. 19, no 1p. 112-142Article

92 results