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Sacred and profane love : four fountains in the Hypnerotomachia (1499) and the Roman de la Rose2006, vol. 22, no 1p. 1-13Article
Muoz ich tanzen und kan nit gân ? : death and the infant in the medieval danse macabre2006, vol. 22, no 2p. 146-164Article
When a Bible is not a Bible : the meaning and movement of the Bible of Anti-Pope Clement VII (British Library, ms. Add. 47672)2006, vol. 22, no 3p. 219-227Article
As a stone into a building : metaphor and materiality in the main portal at Vézelay [Yonne]2006, vol. 22, no 3p. 260-267Article
Collector and saint : Queen Radegund and devotion to the relic of the True Cross2006, vol. 22, no 3p. 268-274Article
A modern popular poem : Stéphane Mallarmé on the visuel, rhetorical and democratic potentials of the fin-de-siècle newspaper2006, vol. 22, no 4p. 304-326Article
Alfred Robaut, Etienne Moreau-Nélaton, and writing Corot2006, vol. 22, no 4p. 327-339Article
Cézanne and the poetics of metonymy2007, vol. 23, no 3p. 327-336Article
Une grande force au service d'une grande oeuvre : photographies et peintures de l'Afrique dans L'Illustration (1919-1940)2007, vol. 23, no 3p. 337-349Article
Sister arts or sibling rivalry ? Cézanne and the logic of the senses2008, vol. 24, no 2p. 152-161Article
Dancing words : eighteenth-century ballet-pantomime wordbooks as paratexts2008, vol. 24, no 4p. 403-412Article
Who makes the statue speak ? Louis XIV and the plainte des statues2008, vol. 24, no 4p. 427-438Article

12 results