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Architecture and the politics of gender in early modern EuropeContributedVolume
Carolingian connections : Anglo-Saxon England and Carolingian Francia, c. 750-870Monography
Catholic activism in South-West France, 1540-1570Monography
Centuries of child labour. European experiences from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuryMonography
Chemistry, pharmacy and revolution in France, 1777-1809Monography
Dei gesta per Francos. Etudes sur les croisades dédiées à Jean Richard. Crusade studies in honour of Jean RichardContributedVolume
Feuding and peace-making in eleventh-century FranceMonography
Francs et orientaux dans le monde des croisadesMonography
From wives to widows in early modern Paris : gender, economy and lawMonography
Hospitals politics in seventeenth-century France : the crow, urban elites and the poorMonography
Huguenot prophecy and clandestine worship in the eighteen century : the sacred theatre of the CévennesMonography
Inside Napoleonic France. State and society in Rouen, 1800-1815Monography
Joan of Arc in French art and culture (1700-1855). From satire to sanctityMonography
Literary sociability and literary property in France, 1775-1793. Beaumarchais, the Société des auteurs dramatiques and the Comédie françaiseMonography
Local politics in the French wars of religion : the towns of Champagne, the Duc de Guise and the Catholic League, 1560-1595Monography
Medieval Narbonne . A city at the heart of the troubadour world, ed. by Kathryn L. ReyersonMonography
Neo-impressionism and anarchism in Fin-de-Siècle France : painting, politics and landscapeMonography
Patronage in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century FranceMonography
Piety and family in early Modern Europe. Essays in honour of Steven OzmentContributedVolume
Prisoners of want. The experience and protest of the unemployed in France, 1921-1945Monography