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Post offices of Europe, 18th-21st century : a comparative history

directeur de publicationLe Roux, Muriel
collaborateurRichez, Sébastien (1974-....)
titlePost offices of Europe, 18th-21st century : a comparative history
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publisherBruxelles (BEL), Berne (CHE), Berlin (DEU) : Peter Lang
notice_entry_objectHistoire de la Poste et des communications / History of Post Offices and Communications : Exchanges and Territories
pages571 p.
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Contributions (19)

19 results

Introduction. The Post Office : from past to futurep. 17-27
The new research guide to postal history directed by te Comité pour l'histoire de la Poste. The Post and its Correspondencep. 31-48
For "archeology of the equestrian postal services". Cases of post houses in France and Italyp. 85-105
The scales of postal communication in New France in contextp. 143-169
Expanding the network of postal routes in France, 1708-1833p. 183-202
Pneumatic : post networks in Europep. 225-240
Cost economics of carrying the mail by postal services and messageries in France (mid-17th century-late 18th century)p. 253-268
French packet boats. The concession of postal routes to private navigation companies 1835-1914p. 269-295
PTT labor management 1946-1974 : the State as father ? The case of mail deliverers in the Paris regionp. 297-315
The post office as an instrument of administrative centralization ? Its role in the local administration of Isère from 1800 to 1840p. 351-367
Sunday mail service in France and Europe. A different view of the role of the Post offices from the early 19th century to 1920s'p. 369-381
Formal procedures for sending official correspondance to and from Canada during the colonial period (17th to 18th century)p. 385-394
The organization of postal services in the border areas between France and Spainp. 395-413
European influence on postal reform in 19th century Francep. 415-427
The English impact on the adoption of a unique tax in France and other European countriesp. 429-439
The basic premise of a universal postage tax. The 1892 projectp. 443-455
Postal savings banks in Europe before 1945. A lost opportunity for cooperationp. 457-478
A European system for a new network. The airmail service with no surtax in the 1930'p. 479-497
"Change" in La Poste. A new idea ?p. 551-567

19 results