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1517-2017 : familia franciscana inter reformas et Reformationem [Dossier]Article
1668 : the year of the animal in FranceMonography
1798 : a turning point ? Censorship in the Batavian RepublicContribution
1805 : Ulm and AusterlitzContribution
1809 : the most Brilliant and Skillful ManeuversContribution
1968 as a "critical juncture" : between synoptic and incremental changeContribution
Abattoirs-Usines, the Modernizing Project for the French Meat Trade, and World War IArticle
Abolition and Republicanism over the Transatlantic long term, 1640-1800Article
A brief political history of France in the 1890's and a hypothesis for future investigationContribution
A catalogue of western book illumination in the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Cambridge Colleges. Part III, France. Vol. I, c.1000 - c.1250Monography
«Achilles versus Hector or Aeneas versus Turnus»: the battle of Hastings revisitedContribution
"A claim on their gratitude" : portrait panels in the new library of the SorbonneArticle
A companion to Alain Chartier (c. 1385-1430) : father of French eloquenceMonography
A dilemma of obedience and authority : the franciscan Inquisition and franciscan inquisitors in Provence and the Dauphiné, 1235-1400Thesis
A divided nobility : status, markets and the patrimonial state in the Old RegimeContribution
A divided republic : nation, state and citizenship in contemporary FranceMonography
Aesthetic modernisation and international comparisons: learning about drawing instruction at the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1900Article
A European system for a new network. The airmail service with no surtax in the 1930'Contribution
A family affair. The psalters of Ingeborg of Denmark and Blanche de Castille and the Noyon PsalterArticle
A fiction of the French nation. The Émigré Novel, Nostalgia and National identity, 1797-1815Article

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