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Challenging dechristianization : the historiography of religion in Modern France2006, vol. 75, no 1p. 130-139Article
The real presence of Mary : eucharistic disbelief and the limits of orthodoxy in fourteenth-century France2006, vol. 75, no 4p. 748-767Article
Agnes of Harcourt, Felipa of Porcelet and Marguerite of Oingt : women writing about women at the end of the thirteenth century2007, vol. 76, no 2p. 298-329Article
Fasting, piety and political anxiety among French reformed protestants2007, vol. 76, no 2p. 330-362Article
Guardians of the sacred : the nuns of Soissons and the slipper of the virgin Mary2007, vol. 76, no 4p. 724-749Article
Vested struggles : the social and ecclesiological significance of stoles in seventeenth-century France2008, vol. 77, no 1p. 54-72Article
The crystallization of counter-enlightenment and philosophe identities : theological controversy and catholic enlightenment in pre-revolutionary France2008, vol. 77, no 4p. 955-1002Article
Pope Gregory XVI's chocolate enterprise : how some Italian clerics survived financially during the Napoleonic era2017, vol. 86, n° 1p. 63-85Article
Huguenot refugees and the meaning of charity in early New England2017, vol. 86, n° 2p. 365-397Article
Jewish antiquity in the Sixteenth century : Calvin reception of Josephus2017, vol. 86, n° 3p. 668-694Article
Rural seigneurs and the counters reformation : parishes, patrons, and religious reform in France, 1550-17002018, vol. 87, n° 1p. 31-62Article
“My Temple Should Be a House of Prayer”: The Use and Misuse of Carolingian Churches2018, vol. 87, n° 2p. 371-398Article

12 results