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A divided republic : nation, state and citizenship in contemporary FranceMonography
A history of the University in Europe. Vol. 3 : universities in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (1800-1945)ContributedVolume
Books and the sciences in history, ed. by Marina Frasca-Spade, Nick JardineMonography
Capital cities at war. Paris, London, Berlin, 1914-1919. T. 2 : a cultural historyContributedVolume
Charlemagne’s practice of EmpireMonography
Cultivating Commerce. Cultures of Botany in Britain and France, 1760-1815Monography
Debating the woman question in the French Third Republic, 1870-1920Monography
Delacroix, art and patrimony in post-revolutionary FranceMonography
Revolution and the antiquarian book : reshaping the past, 1780-1815
Economic development in early modern France : the privilege of liberty, 1650-1820Monography
Epicureans and atheists in France, 1650-1729Monography
European neutrals and non-belligerents during the Second World WarContributedVolume
Fashioning Jewish identity in medieval western ChristendomMonography
Feeding France : new sciences of food, 1760-1815Monography
Generations of feelings. A history of emotions, 600-1700Monography
Greuze and the painting of sentimentMonography
History and memory in the Carolingian worldMonography
Imperial unknowns : the French and British in the Mediterranean, 1650-1750Monography
Jesuit political thought : the Society of Jesus and the State, c. 1540-1630Monography
Medieval concepts of the past. Ritual, memory, historiographyContributedVolume

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