Contemporary European history

titleContemporary European history
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Incident in Arles : regionalism, resistance and the case of the statue of Frédéric Mistral2007, vol. 16, no 1p. 37-50Article
A wave on to our shores : the exile and resettlement of refugees from the western front, 1914-19182007, vol. 16, no 4p. 427-444Article
The minority problem and national classification in the French and Czechoslovak borderlands2008, vol. 17, no 2p. 137-165Article
Franco-British relations and the question of conscription in Britain, 1938-19392008, vol. 17, no 4p. 437-456Article
La nouvelle activité des trafiquants de femmes : France, Le Havre and the politics of trafficking, 1919-19392017, vol. 26, n° 1p. 23-48Article
Colonial or continental power ? The debate over economic expansion in interwar France2017, vol. 26, n° 2p. 217-241Article
The creation of the Monnet Plan, 1945–1946 : a critical re-evaluation2018, vol. 27, n° 1p. 23-42Article
Laïcité, Republic and Nation in Post-Colonial France2018, vol. 27, n° 1p. 137-148Article
Continuity and change in european cooperation during the twentieth century2018, vol. 27, n° 2p. 165-182Article
Special issue : continuity and change in european cooperation during the twentieth century [Dossier]2018, vol. 27, n° 2p. 165-344Article
Statesmen of independence : the international fabric of Europe's way of political legitimacy2018, vol. 27, n° 2p. 183-201Article
Ideas, individuals and institutions : notion and practices of a european electricity system2018, vol. 27, n° 2p. 202-220Article
Managing the labour market in an open economy : from the International Labour Organisation to the European Communities2018, vol. 27, n° 2p. 221-238Article
Transnational practices governing european integration : executive autonomy and neo-corporatist concertation in the steel sector2018, vol. 27, n° 2p. 239-257Article
Liberalising regional trade : socialists and european economic integration2018, vol. 27, n° 2p. 258-279Article
Comparing cultures of expert regulation : governing cross-border infrastructures2018, vol. 27, n° 2p. 280-300Article
Enveloping Europe : plans and practices in postal governance, 1929–19592018, vol. 27, n° 2p. 301-325Article
Why call it a "European Community" ? Ideological continuities and institutional design of nascent european organisations2018, vol. 27, n° 2p. 326-344Article
Gender and Politics in Interwar and Vichy France2018, vol. 27, n° 3p. 482-499Article
Capital Flight and Tax Competition after the First World War: The Political Economy of French Tax Cuts, 1922–19282018, vol. 27, n° 4p. 533-536Article

21 results