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Anti-French protest movement in Egypt in 1798-1801Contribution
Napoleon Bonaparte of A.Z. Manfred esteemed by readersContribution
Europe under the Napoleon's reign : view of StendhalContribution
French history studies in Russian language published in 2015Article
In memory of Bronislaw BaczkoArticle
Le roi sans royaume. Louis XVIII et les royalistes français en 1794-1799 [Король без королевства. Людовик XVIII и французские роялисты в 1794-1799 гг.]Monography
Les révoltes à l'époque de la Révolution française et du Premier EmpireContributedVolume
L’opinion publique française sur la Russie à la veille et pendant la guerre de 1812 [Французское общественное мнение о России накануне и во время войны 1812 года]Monography
Louis XVIII and the royalist insurgent movement in Western FranceContribution
Napoleon and his era in the mirror of «alternative history»Contribution
Napoleonic wars of 1812-1815 : the French commemorations in our daysContribution
Origins and mechanism of Lyon uprising in 1793Contribution
Outlook on the French revolution from nowadays : interview with Pierre SernaContribution
Peoples against the French RevolutionContribution
Piketty case : how French economic historian became the academic star ?Contribution
Political projects of the French emigrants in 1792-1795Contribution
«Secret Weapon» of revolt : Napoleon’s preparing of campaign of 1812Contribution
Still in the shadow of Burke and Dickens? The recent British historiography of the French RevolutionContribution
Synthesis of history and philosophy in French Revolution studies : interview with Patrice GueniffeyContribution
Theatre and Revolution : an open scene for historiographyContribution

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