Annuaire d'études françaises. Французский ежегодник

titleAnnuaire d'études françaises. Французский ежегодник
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Peoples against the French Revolution2016p. 5-31Contribution
Les révoltes à l'époque de la Révolution française et du Premier Empire20165-416 p.ContributedVolume
Vendée : from genocide to memoricide2016p. 36-54Contribution
Louis XVIII and the royalist insurgent movement in Western France2016p. 55-65Contribution
Origins and mechanism of Lyon uprising in 17932016p. 66-96Contribution
The September Massacres of 1792 in political career of J.-L. Tallien2016p. 97-108Contribution
Political projects of the French emigrants in 1792-17952016p. 109-124Contribution
Anti-French protest movement in Egypt in 1798-18012016p. 125-144Contribution
«Secret Weapon» of revolt : Napoleon’s preparing of campaign of 18122016p. 145-164Contribution
Was Directory a Republic of the Center ? A delusive state of imperceptible bourgeois2016p. 165-184Contribution
Outlook on the French revolution from nowadays : interview with Pierre Serna2016p. 185-196Contribution
Synthesis of history and philosophy in French Revolution studies : interview with Patrice Gueniffey2016p. 197-207Contribution
Theatre and Revolution : an open scene for historiography2016p. 208-230Contribution
Still in the shadow of Burke and Dickens? The recent British historiography of the French Revolution2016p. 231-243Contribution
Europe under the Napoleon's reign : view of Stendhal2016p. 295-311Contribution
Napoleon and his era in the mirror of «alternative history»2016p. 312-324Contribution
Napoleon Bonaparte of A.Z. Manfred esteemed by readers2016p. 325-336Contribution
Napoleonic wars of 1812-1815 : the French commemorations in our days2016p. 337-354Contribution
«To prohibit the Banquet is to start up the mechanism of the revolution». Review of the monograph by Vincent Robert «The Time of Banquets. Politics and symbolism of one generation (1818-1848)»2016p. 355-374Article
Piketty case : how French economic historian became the academic star ?2016p. 375-385Contribution

23 results