Modern and contemporary France

titleModern and contemporary France
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L'Extrême-Orient en question dans les récits de voyageurs français durant la seconde moitié du XIXe siècle2006, vol. 14, no 1p. 5-13Article
In search of the absolute : the Nouvelle Revue française and uses and meanings of the Orient (1920-1930)2006, vol. 14, no 1p. 15-32Article
Hegemony and ambiguity : discourses, counter-discourses and hidden meanings in French depictions of the conquest and settlement of Algeria2006, vol. 14, no 2p. 157-172Article
Paris and panoramic vision : lieux de mémoire, lieux communs2006, vol. 14, no 2p. 173-187Article
Children of the Revolution : the making of young citizens2006, vol. 14, no 2p. 205-220Article
Upwardly mobile footnotes : German references in the Encyclopédie des gens du monde [1833-1844]2006, vol. 14, no 4p. 433-448Article
Ballons ronds, Tommies et tranchées : l'impact de la présence britannique dans la diffusion du football-association au sein des villes de garnison de la Somme et du Pas-de-Calais (1915-1918)2006, vol. 14, no 4p. 449-464Article
Le temps du plastique : the critique of synthetic materials in 1950s France2007, vol. 15, no 2p. 135-151Article
Fighting for the unknown soldier : the contested territory of the French nation in 1934-19382007, vol. 15, no 2p. 185-201Article
Ambiguities at work : Spanish Republican exiles and the organisation Todt in occupied Bordeaux2007, vol. 15, no 4p. 457-477Article
George Sand : thwarted newspaper publisher or pioneer literary journalist ?2007, vol. 15, no 4p. 479-495Article
Le cirque Molier et ses athlètes aristocrates à la Belle Epoque : succès mondain et controverse politique2007, vol. 15, no 4p. 497-511Article
Reconstruction in the Manche département after the Normandy landings2008, vol. 16, no 1p. 3-21Article
Neither male or female : the jesuit as androgyne, 1843-18702008, vol. 16, no 1p. 37-49Article
"The purity of the blood" : Poncet de La Grave, pronatalism and Empire2017, vol. 25, n° 1p. 1-13Article
Positivism as cultural policy : art and social change in the works of Comte and Saint-Simon2017, vol. 25, n° 1p. 15-30Article
Sixty years on : France and Europe from the Treaty of Rome to the 2017 elections2017, vol. 25, n° 2p. 111-116Article
From "la petite Europe vaticane" to the Club Med : the French Socialist Party and the challenges of European integration2017, vol. 25, n° 2p. 135-151Article
Between Euro-Federalism, Euro-Pragmatism and Euro-Populism : the Gaullist movement divided over Europe2017, vol. 25, n° 2p. 153-169Article
France and European macroeconomic policy coordination : from the Treaty of Rome to the euro area sovereign debt crisis2017, vol. 25, n° 2p. 171-190Article

37 results