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Method and mathematics : Peter Ramus's histories of the sciences2006, vol. 67, no 1p. 63-86Article
The debate about luxury in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century French political thought2007, vol. 68, no 1p. 79-105Article
From human nature to normal humanity : Joseph de Maistre, Rousseau and the origins of moral statistics2007, vol. 68, no 1p. 107-130Article
Cosmopolitan egalitarianism in the Enlightenment : Anquetil-Duperron on India and America2007, vol. 68, no 2p. 255-278Article
Commerce, law and erudite culture : the mechanics of Theodore Godefroy's service to cardinal Richelieu2007, vol. 68, no 3p. 407-427Article
Facts or conjectures : Antoine-Yves Goguet's historiography2007, vol. 68, no 3p. 429-449Article
The historical solution versus the philosophical solution : the political commentary of Christopher Dawson and Jacques Maritain, 1927-19392008, vol. 69, no 1p. 93-115Article
The mystical body of society : religion and association in nineteenth-century French political thought2008, vol. 69, no 1p. 219-244Article
Too many Tocquevilles : the fable of Tocqueville's American reception2008, vol. 69, no 1p. 245-268Article
Science cannot stop with science ? : Maurice Blondel and the sciences2008, vol. 69, no 1p. 269-292Article
Banishing fortuna : Montmort and De Moivre2008, vol. 69, no 4p. 559-581Article
The picture multiple : figuring, thinking and knowing in Descartes's Essais (1637)2017, vol. 78, n° 3p. 369-400Article
Anthropologia : an (almost) forgotten early modern history2018, vol. 79, n° 1p. 1-22Article
The many liberalisms of Serge Audier2018, vol. 79, n° 1p. 45-63Article
Empires, nations, and revolutions2018, vol. 79, n° 1p. 73-88Article
Beyond the "history of ideas" : the issue of the "ideological origins of the revolutions of independence" revisited2018, vol. 79, n° 1p. 125-141Article
Pierre Bayle and the secularization of conscience2018, vol. 79, n° 2p. 199-220Article
Volney and the French Revolution2018, vol. 79, n° 2p. 221-242Article
Family, gender and progress : Sophie de Grouchy and her exclusion in the publication of Condorcet's Sketch of human progress2018, vol. 79, n° 2p. 267-283Article
Christian human rights in the French Revolution2018, vol. 79, n° 3p. 411-426Article

24 results