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The decolonization of French speaking territories in Africa as reflected in the South press : a case study of Algeria and the Belgian Congo2006, vol. 36, no 1p. 31-41Article
Imposing on Napoleon : the romantic appropriation of Bonaparte2006, vol. 36, no 4p. 363-388Article
The image of the Tuileries Palace in the French press and memoirs, 1871-18832007, vol. 37, no 2p. 139-157Article
Narrative mutations : French cinema and its relations with literature from Vichy towards the New Wave2007, vol. 37, no 2p. 159-186Article
Non-conformism, insolence and reaction : Jean Galtier-Boissière's Le Crapouillot2007, vol. 37, no 3p. 277-294Article
Aufklärung, freemasonry, the public sphere and the question of Enlightenment2008, vol. 38, no 1p. 5-25Article
Imprisoned in paradise : antifascist Germans in the French wartime internment camps, 1939-19402008, vol. 38, no 1p. 53-72Article
Cassandra's policies : French prophecies of an American empire from the civil war to the cold war2008, vol. 38, no 2p. 101-120Article
France in the cold war2008, vol. 38, no 2p. 121-139Article
A real break or reluctant parting ? France, the United States and the Spanish question, 19462008, vol. 38, no 2p. 141-156Article
Jean-Paul Sartre, John Steinbeck and the liability of liberty in the post-war period2008, vol. 38, no 2p. 177-192Article
Denunciations, clemency and conflict resolution in the French Basque country (1917-1944)2008, vol. 38, no 3p. 253-276Article
Jean Giono : the personal ethics of an author writing under the Occupation2008, vol. 38, no 3p. 277-310Article
Remembering Paco Ibáñez at the Olympia : a political communitas in exile2017, vol. 47, n° 3p. 259-274Article
2018, vol. 48, n° 1p. 3-19Article

15 results