Journal of early modern history

titleJournal of early modern history
subtitleContacts, comparaisons, contrasts
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Reading travels in the culture of curiosity : Thévenot's collection of voyages2006, vol. 10, nos 1-2p. 39-59Article
A levy in Liège for Mazarin's army : practical and strategic difficulties in raising and supporting troops in the thirty years war2007, vol. 11, no 6p. 475-500Article
Spectacle and spin for a spurned prince. Civic strategies in the entry ceremonies of the duke of Anjou in Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent (1582)2007, vol. 11, nos 4-5p. 263-284Article
Special issue : After the scientific revolution : thinking globally about the histories of the modern sciences2017, vol. 21, n° 5p. 377-393Article
Problems with the word made flesh : the great tradition of the scientific Revolution in Europe2017, vol. 21, n° 5p. 394-406Article
Making history : identity, progress and the modern-science archive2017, vol. 21, n° 5p. 433-444Article
Thinking without the scientific Revolution : global interactions and the construction of knowledge2017, vol. 21, n° 5p. 445-458Article
Paying attention : early modern science beyond genealogy2017, vol. 21, n° 5p. 459-470Article
Les Guerrières de Dieu in the French ursuline missionary archives2017, vol. 21, nos 1-2p. 91-115Article
Introduction : archives, record keeping and imperial governance, 1500-18002018, vol. 22, n° 5p. 311-326Article
Special issue : early modern archive2018, vol. 22, n° 5p. 311-410Article
The portable archives of the westphalian negotiations : from archival arsenals to archival absolutism (France, Portugal and Spain)2018, vol. 22, n° 5p. 348-370Article
Seeing the Empire through lists and charts : french colonial records in the eighteenth century2018, vol. 22, n° 5p. 371-391Article
Regulation and intellectual change at the Paris goldsmiths’ guild, 1660-17402018, vol. 22, n° 6p. 500-527Article

14 results