Journal of women's history

titleJournal of women's history
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Consumers for the nation : women, politics and consumer organization in France, 1944-19652006, vol. 18, no 3p. 68-90Article
Policing the monopolizing women of early modern Nantes2007, vol. 19, no 2p. 10-35Article
Pride and prejudice in the professions : women doctors and lawyers in Third Republic France2007, vol. 19, no 3p. 60-86Article
Domestic violence by another name : crimes of passion in fin-de-siècle Paris2007, vol. 19, no 4p. 12-34Article
She said, he said and she said : claims of abuse and a community's response in late medieval Marseille2007, vol. 19, no 4p. 35-58Article
"French or foreign, so long as they be mothers" : immigrant women, welfare, and the politics of pronatalism in interwar Paris2016, vol. 28, n° 4p. 65-88Article
Women in France d'outre-mer : pedagogy and avenues of research2016, vol. 28, n° 4p. 113-123Contribution
Women, gender and French Empire2016, vol. 28, n° 4113-153 p.ContributedVolume
"Cherchez la femme" : women and gender in French scholarship on the Empire2016, vol. 28, n° 4p. 124-133Contribution
The double invisibility of missionary sisters2016, vol. 28, n° 4p. 134-143Contribution
Learned and loving : representing women astronomers in Enlightenment France2017, vol. 29, n° 1p. 14-37Article
Gilt by association : the collaborative celebrity of Germaine de Staël and Juliette Récamier2018, vol. 30, n° 1p. 56-79Article
Rachel G. Fuchs forum2018, vol. 30, n° 2p. 161-186Article
"The fighting had ceased but… democracy had not won": Helen Noble Curtis and the Rise of a Black International Feminism in World War I France2018, vol. 30, n° 4p. 109-133Article
Setting new standards : international feminism and the League of Nations' inquiry into the status of women2019, vol. 31, n° 1p. 12-36Article

15 results