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Medievalism and Le Corbusier2006, vol. 45, no 2p. 89-94Article
Observations on the A of Charlemagne in the treasure of the abbey of Conques [bénédictins, Aveyron]2006, vol. 45, no 2p. 95-107Article
Rethinking romanesque ; re-engaging roman(z)2006, vol. 45, no 2p. 109-123Article
Context, continuity and the creation of national memory in Paris, 1130-1160 : a critical commentary2006, vol. 45, no 2p. 161-175Article
Illuminated in the British isles : French influence and/or the Englishness of English art, 1285-13452006, vol. 45, no 2p. 177-188Article
Craft ethics and the critical eye in medieval Paris2006, vol. 45, no 2p. 221-238Article
The stained-glass spolia in the south transept of Reims cathedral and rémois ecclesiastical seals2007, vol. 46, no 1p. 1-18Article
A small door : recognizing Ruth in the psalter-hours of Yolande de Soissons2007, vol. 46, no 1p. 19-40Article
From bishop's grave to holy grave : the construction of Strasbourg cathedral's St. Catherine chapel2007, vol. 46, no 1p. 59-80Article
Stone saints : commemoration and likeness in thirteenth-century Italy, France and Spain2007, vol. 46, no 2p. 121-134Article
Rethinking the origins of portraiture2007, vol. 46, no 2p. 135-157Article
A en perdre la tête : les statues-colonnes de Saint-Denis et le problème du vandalisme pré-révolutionnaire au XVIIIe siècle2007, vol. 46, no 2p. 179-191Article
Recontextualizing the context : the Dispute capital from Saint-Hilaire in Poitiers and storytelling in the Poitou around the time of the peace of God movement2008, vol. 47, no 1p. 51-66Article

13 results